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About South Lyon

South Lyon, Michigan, is a rapidly-growing city located in southwestern Oakland County. It it technically a part of Lyon Charter Township (along with New Hudson and Kensington), though it’s governed as a city. About 45 miles west of Detroit, South Lyon is, like its neighbors Brighton and Milford, spacious, near many natural attractions, and relatively peaceful.

Train tracks ran through what is now South Lyon, giving the city status as an agricultural center. South Lyon was incorporated as a city in 1930, and as residents continued to move farther out from Detroit, South Lyon continued to grow. People who live in South Lyon tend to work in nearby cities or in one of the numerous manufacturing businesses that continue to spring up within the city limits.

Homes in South Lyon are, for the most part, either quite old, or else very new, with more of the latter going up regularly. Since the city used to be quite rural, small homes from the 30s and 40s poke out from the landscape, but what helps South Lyon sing are the homes built in the last 10 years. The newer homes are typically made of brick and typically large with clean lines and very modern features. If large porches entice you, South Lyon’s houses have them. Many houses are located on large lots, allowing owners to take advantage of the space – let the dogs and kids run wild!

Kids go to school in the South Lyon School District, which is composed of seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. Not long ago, the South Lyon Dolsen Elementary Taking Care of Others Initiative was honored as one of the county’s excellence in schools programs. The program itself teaches children empathy and kindness through writing and reading, and the district is happy to report that, yes, kindness is indeed contagious.

Away from schools, one of South Lyon’s attractions is its classic downtown, with two story buildings, street parking, and local-only establishments. The Witch’s Hat Depot Museum and Historic Village is a museum and village that hosts weddings and other events. The South Lyon Hotel has been in operation for 140 years and is now a restaurant. Concerts are held downtown on summer nights, and there’s a farmer’s market on Saturdays during warm months. McHattie Park is downtown and connects to the Huron Valley Trail System, which itself connects to nearby Kensington Metropark, one of Michigan’s treasures. And for when you need to get out of South Lyon, visit nearby Ann Arbor – only 20 minutes away – with restaurants featuring cuisine from countries the world over, a restaurant themed after Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, coffee shops, tea rooms, bookshops selling only new-age items, bookshops selling only textbooks, enough pizza stops to keep you stuffed for a year, art galleries, boutiques, beer gardens, beer breweries, karaoke bars, and wine bars.

However, if you don’t want to partake in Ann Arbor fun, South Lyon doesn’t mind. It’s a city that offers a relaxed lifestyle, some peace, and some quiet. You’d be happy to call this city home.

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