Market Conditions for 48737

March 2019

Homes For Sale


DOWN DOWN -40.00% vs. Month Ago

Homes for Sale


The inventory of homes for sale fell by 2 in March to 3. This represents 40% decrease from January when 5 homes were on the market.Compared to the same month last year when there were 5 homes for sale, the inventory of homes for sale has fallen by fallen by 2 representing a -40% year-over-year change.

Homes for sale represents the number of active listings on the market during the specified month as reported in the MLS system operating within the market area.

New Homes


The number of homes listed in March (0) remained level Compared to March 2018, the number of new listings decreased by 1, a % year-over-year change.

Newly Listed Homes are the total count of homes that have been listed within the market area during the most recent month, as reported in the MLS system(s) operating in the market area.

Median List Price


The median list price in March was $0. The median list price for homes in March remained unchanged $0 compared to last month. Compared to the same month last year, the median list price of homes decreased ($179,900) representing a % year-over-year decrease.

The median list price is the middle value of all currently active listings as reported in the MLS systems in the market area when you arrange these list prices from lowest to highest. This is a better indicator than the average as the median does not change as much as a result of the existence of a few unusually low or high list prices.