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The First To Know program makes your real estate experience as on demand as it can get. This free program gathers data from all companies that are tied into our MLSs. After selecting your search preferences, you'll receive a daily update of anything that matches your criteria. Instantly enroll with the form on this page.

How does First To Know help buyers?

You'll never have to worry about missing a newly posted listing and you can track unlimited market activity. The best part is there's no work in it for you once you set up a search. All of your searches are available and organized within one account, so you can always access your updated data whether you're using your laptop or mobile device. You'll be alerted of any new listings, price changes, open houses, sales and current list prices.

Sign up for the free First To Know program by using the form on this page then download our app and sign-in to use all of the features on your mobile device. If you wish to only receive First To Know emails, then you do not need to download the app.

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