Angelina Saputo

Angelina Saputo

34620 Utica Road
Fraser, MI 48026
Mobile: 586 291-1784 Direct: 586 291-1784

Hello To All, 

I am very hardworking. As a person who has worked with people and their homes for 25+ years! Moving houses, Sales and marketing, and also Interior Design.

I love to make people happy about their homes. I pride myself on being trustworthy, and dedicated. I will use my education, skill and experience in finance, contracts, sales, marketing and interior design to negotiate for you and your families.

I want you to always to have the advantage. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. If you want a price comparison on your home. If you, family or friends want to sell or buy or lease. I also stage and decorate homes. 

Thank You