Nathanial Foerg

Nathanial Foerg

500 E. Eisenhower Pkwy.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Direct: (734) 834-1981

Hi, I'm Nate Foerg.

I have been a licensed Realtor since 2006. However, my roots in the business go much deeper. Raised in Burn's Park in the late 70's and 80's, I grew up with the Ann Arbor real estate market. I gave my first referral to my mother Dawn at age 7, and upon closing I received a brand new bike!


All throughout my childhood I watched the market. I saw the market from the inside. I often attended open houses with my mother.


Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my parents dinner parties with some of the greatest Realtors in Ann Arbor.


When I entered the business in 2006, I had the distinct advantage of already knowing all of the players, and having the best mentoring possible. After several years, I entered into a partnership with Carolyn Lepard. We both have a combination of joint business and our own clients. Our partnership effectively provides our clients with two agents. Together we have 44 years of experience.


I am happy to report that the market has recovered substantially. Working through the recession in real estate sales was interesting to say the least. I cut my teeth selling foreclosures and distressed properties. This is an experience that I hope we don't have to repeat anytime soon. My time in the business allows me to look at things with a perspective that new agents cant have. I have seen the boom, the bust and the substantial recovery. My perspective is more inclusive than agents who have never sold in the rough times. 


I have sold modest homes and condo's in the sub 100K range, all the way up to historic homes in the 1 million+ range. Every buyer and seller is treated exactly the same. Regardless of price, your transaction is treated with the utmost care.


I want one thing for you- I want to help you make the best decision with the best counseling possible. I will always give you the full picture and help you to do what's best for you. They say that being a Realtor is a sales job. I disagree, my job is consultant, negotiator and outcome prediction. With me you will always be given the most likely outcomes of any action you take. I will never make it more complicated than it needs to be, and I will never "dumb it down" You deserve better.


I encourage you to contact me via phone, email or text. I would love the opportunity to show you how I can help you. Whether it's a Sale, Purchase or Rental, I can make a complicated process quick and efficient for you!