Steve Heintzelman

Steve Heintzelman

1750 Grand Ridge Ct., Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Direct: 616-447-3029 Mobile: (616) 617-8092

 Our company’s core values are “EXCITE!”

 EXcellence- Personal Pride in the job I do on behalf of my clients and     customers.

Caring- Giving back to our community; Showing empathy and flexibility.

Integrity- Honoring my commitments and communicating honestly and constructively.

Teamwork- Working with you towards shared common goals & respecting one another.

Empowerment- Own the decisions I make and engage fully in my work.


I work every day to live up to these values in the life I lead and the service I perform for my customers and clients in my 7 year career in Real Estate. In an effort to give back to my community I became a Walker Police volunteer for over 11 years. I have volunteered for God's Kitchen once a week and have been doing that for 9 years. I am currently the President of the Grand Rapids Steelheaders. In the past I also was a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America for 10 years. Our boys and girls are the future of this great nation and we need to commit to their future. I have also spent 8 years volunteering at God's Kitchen. Feeding the city's people that can't do it themselves, for what ever reason, means a lot to me. Helping and putting a smile on people's faces is what it is all about.