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When Michiganders talk about “Up North,” there’s a chance they’re talking about a place like Houghton Lake. Featuring glorious sunrises and beautiful sunsets on the state’s largest inland lake, the area is a haven for relaxing getaways, summer fun, and once again…those sunsets.

At about 55 square miles, Houghton Lake is one of the country’s largest natural lakes. It has 48 miles of shoreline that can be used for all manner of activities: picnicking, swimming, or simply getting a tan. You can launch your boat and try your hand at catching all kinds of fish, or perhaps check parasailing off your bucket list. Houghton Lake is highly desirable because of it’s sandy bottom and perfect water depth for swimming.

And while it’d be fun to live on the lake itself (how about a morning dive just before coffee?), floating houses are not yet a reality. But you can be like the thousands of people who have lake houses (or houses at least within a stone’s throw of the lake) who whittle away their summer weekends with their toes in the sand and drinks in their hands. Indeed, like some of its Up North counterparts in other areas of the state, Houghton Lake presents some attractive real estate at even more attractive prices. Want a 3-bed 2-bath home on the lake for less than $300,000? Houghton Lake has what you’re looking for. Want something simpler…maybe a cottage-like 2-bed/1-bath for quick simple getaways with price points under $100,000? Absolutely available. Or you’d simply like some vacant land to build your own vacation home? That can be yours as well.

Once a haven for the lumber business, Houghton Lake transformed into a resort town in the mid-20th century. About 3,000 people live in the area year-round, and more visit in the warm months. As homeowners, you’ll have a place to call your own among a land of bed-and-breakfasts, great restaurants, ice cream stands, state parks and forests, and hotels. Should you opt to make Houghton Lake your permanent address, you’ll become a full-time member of a tight-knit community with members who have lived in the area their entire lives. Roscommon County administers many of the public services residents of Houghton Lake use, including senior centers, a library, and a park system.

A favorite past-time for visitors and residents that doesn’t involve water, is hiking in the state parks in the summer and fall and cross-country skiing in the winter. But don’t forget about the lake, even in the cold months. The Tip Up Town festival happens every winter with its signature events: an ice fishing contest and a polar plunge. In the summer, go windsurfing. Try parasailing. Simply take your kayak out for a few hours and do your best to stay upright! Swim, waterski, or snorkel.

Above all, enjoy living near the glorious natural wonder that is Houghton Lake.


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