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About Trenton

It’s 1888. You’re six years old, and you’re with your family, picnicking on the shoreline of the Detroit River. You grab your sandwich to take another bite, and when you next look up, a large steamship has just come into view. It’s gleaming in the summer sun as it sails to Detroit with its steel from Pittsburgh and its rubber up from Ohio.

You might be in Trenton, Michigan, a small community laid out along the Detroit River that became famous for its limestone output. Today, as the limestone industry no longer flourishes as it once did, Trenton nonetheless retains its roots as a hard-working, diverse city clustered in the chain of “downriver” cities. Like many downriver communities, Trenton has its modern roots in the great migration to the Detroit area that began with the introduction of the automobile and the thousands of jobs the automobile industry created. As a result, much of the housing stock is mid-20th century, featuring subdivisions of 3-bedroom 1-bathroom ranches with colonials scattered within. And like most nearby communities, the homes are within easy driving distance of most modern conveniences, including workplaces, restaurants, churches, and parks.

Trenton’s economic climate mirrors that of the rest of the region: a variety of businesses and trades exist. Trenton is home to a Chrysler engine plant and Oakwood South Shore Hospital. The city measures about 7.5 square miles, and the entire east side of the city borders the Detroit River. Grosse Ile is just across the river. And that park that you’re with your family at? That’s probably Elizabeth Park, the first county park in Michigan and home to 1,300 feet of riverwalks, as well as hiking and cycling trails and a baseball field. Downtown Trenton traces its roots back to those days when shipyards were in abundance, and one of the attractions is a relatively-recently restored art deco theatre.

The schools in Trenton are served by the Trenton School District, which includes two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. The high school features a varsity crew team, which is relatively unique to the region.

For fun, Trentonites can utilize their Kennedy Recreation Center, a 150,000-square-foot facility featuring 3 NHL-size ice arenas to serve the region’s large appetite for hockey. The Kennedy Aquatic Center is a 13,000-square-foot space that’s home to a lap pool, water park, diving boards, and a competitive pool to be used by the Trenton Swim Club. Parks with playscapes and basketball courts dot the city. For something larger, just down the road, you’ll find Lake Erie Metropark, which has a golf course, acres and acres of open space, a community pool, and plenty of options for wildlife viewing. And if you’re truly into nature, you can enjoy the nearby Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, which is 5,000 acres of nature for you to enjoy via hunting, fishing, or simply watching nature.

Trenton is a small community, but it’s one that has plenty to offer homeowners and residents. If you’re considering living downriver, give Trenton a look, and you’ll probably be glad you did.

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