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About Garden City

Located in the area colloquially known as “Downriver,”Garden City is a built-out community of approximately 27,000 people that came of age in the post-war boom of suburban housing as families began to desire their own spaces. The homes reflect the era – they tend to run from 1,000 to 1,200 square feet and feature three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The typical plots of land are tidy, with postage-stamp front yards and backyards for a pool and frolicking. (The moniker ‘Garden City’ comes from the ‘garden city’ concept popular in England, in which plots of land were one acre and used primarily for farming; though farming as a profession is no longer happening in the city, you’ll still find plenty of vegetable gardens.)

If gardening isn’t your thing but you still like to be outside, Garden City has four public parks, including the large City Park, home to four ballfields and a walking trail. If you’re not up for outdoor fun, head inside to the fitness center for some weight lifting, or take your skates to the ice arena for some triple axels or hockey.

When it’s time for learning, the Garden City Public Schools (“to be a learning community that ensures a safe, caring, quality education for students of all ages to prepare for the possibilities of tomorrow,” in the district’s words) are there for your children. The District responds to a community need for early childhood education and child care to meet the needs of working parents by providing before- and after-school child care (latchkey), a preschool program, extended care, and summer day camp.

Only 30 minutes from Detroit and 40 minutes from Ann Arbor, Garden City is well-positioned to allow you to take in the cultural and civic features both of those metropolitan areas have to offer. For modern conveniences, Ford Road, which runs directly through the middle of the city, is home to all of the shopping centers and stores you’ll need.

If you’re looking for a cozy community that can meet all of your needs, consider giving Garden City a look.

School Information
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