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About Muskegon

If you’re looking to combine the conveniences of urban life and the pleasantries of lake living, Muskegon could be just the place for you. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, this city of about 40,000 is a goldilocks of joys: not too large to be overwhelming but large enough to host events like the 100,000-person Bike Time…and not too small to make you feel isolated but small enough that housing is affordable.

Indeed, you can find fixer-uppers for less than $100,000 or houses newly-built houses outside the city center for four times that amount. Where the city really shines is its offerings in the middle, with three-bedroom houses ranging from $100,000 to $250,000, some nicely updated, and some that could use some tender love and care.

When you choose to make your home in Muskegon, you’re getting a city with a rich history that began in earnest in the mid-1800s. Timber flowed out of northern Michigan down the Muskegon River to sawmills in the region and then for shipping onto the Great Lakes. Once a key economic hub on the lakeshore, Muskegon has reinvented itself by attracting residents and tourists with its mix of advanced manufacturing and all-weather attractions and activities.

Just up the road from Muskegon proper is Michigan’s Adventure, the state’s largest amusement and water park. And if you’re into water, Muskegon Lake, sitting smack in the city center, is an excellent place for walleye fishing and boating. Need a larger lake? Walk or bike to Pere Marquette Beach, one of the largest beaches on the shore and the perfect place for a picnic and a sunset. Feel your toes warm in the white sand, and feel your body in the cool waves of Lake Michigan. In the winter months, thrill-seekers can take a ride on one of the only publicly accessible luge tracks in the country. You’ll roar 850 feet down the ice as your inner Olympian cheers you on. Fall, of course, is the time for experiencing the region’s vibrant oranges and browns, while spring means the best outdoor experiences are just around the corner.

Speaking of experiences, you don’t have to label yourself a tourist to enjoy the city’s festivals. The aforementioned Bike Time is a four-day extravaganza that’s one of the world’s largest gatherings of motorcycle enthusiasts. Celtic fans will enjoy the Michigan Irish Music Festival. And a one-of-a-kind event, the Buster Keaton Convention and Film Festival, happens every October; fans of one of the world’s most prestigious entertainers gather to share their love for the actor who claimed Muskegon his home.

In short, Muskegon has a little bit of everything for everyone. From lake living to luging, from fishing to fall colors, from diverse housing stock to delightful bike trails, the city and its immediate environs are chock-full of potential adventures. Perhaps you’d like to go on an adventure? If so, Muskegon wants to help you.

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