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About Frankfort

At 9:45 on a warm July night, you’re sitting on a beach in Frankfort, watching a massively orange sun fall into Lake Michigan. You’re satiated, having recently finished your surprisingly excellent meal at the Hotel Frankfort; you ate Great Lakes whitefish and drank a glass of chardonnay. For dessert, you’re snacking on local peaches and cherries, perfectly ripe at this time of year thanks to the combination of the deep winters and the lake winds. You hear nothing but waves and the occasional laughter of a newly-engaged couple walking on the nearby sand. You’re wondering what you did to deserve to be here, in this moment, but you stop. You’re at peace. You are taking in everything, here in Frankfort, Michigan, because the northwestern lower peninsula of Michigan, where Frankfort is, is one of the most beautiful places in America.

Frankfort, for its part, is the perfect picture of a vacation destination. Victorian architecture dominates the downtown, which is full of quaint shops and one-of-a-kind restaurants, as well as the tree-lined streets where the 1,200 people who call Frankfort home live year-round. There’s a nearly 100-year-old single-screen movie theater (built in 1923) called the Garden that features both multiplex fare and independent movies; it’s also home to the annual Frankfort Film Festival.

And while the downtown is an adventure unto itself, the real treats are in the natural beauty of Frankfort and its surroundings. Relative to some of the more popular vacation destinations in Michigan (think Mackinac Island or Houghton Lake), Frankfort’s location gives it a natural feel…almost like you’ve stumbled onto a hidden gem. Rarely crowded, there is only one main road in and out of the city (M-22), and that road gives drivers (or bikers!) access to some of the best scenery in the state. The glaciers that left the Great Lakes created smaller inland lakes with rivers attached that feed into Lake Michigan; for much of the warm months, this water is sparkling-clear and can be glimpsed (or swam in!) as you head north to the world-famous Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Going south, you’ll see much of the same, as M-22 hugs the shoreline of Lake Michigan, surrounding you with water, dunes, and trees.

If this sort of Michigan experience sounds enticing for a visit, perhaps owning real estate in Frankfort can be in your future. Withing the city’s 1.39 square -mile footprint, you can find all sorts of properties. There’s vacant land, waiting for you to build on it. There are single-family homes – some old, some new – in various price ranges. And there are multimillion dollar homes with priceless views of Lake Michigan with your own beach steps from the back deck.

Children of full-time residents would attend school at the Frankfort-Elberta Elementary School and the Frankfort Jr/Sr High School. The nearby Interlochen Center for the Arts draws students from around the world to study music, theater, visual art, dance, and creative writing. For some of the creature comforts of an urban setting (including an airport and a mall), Traverse City is about 40 miles away.

But ideally, you’ll find much of the nurturing for the soul that you need in Frankfort and its immediate surroundings. The beauty of the lake, the trees, the sky, and the dunes is immeasurable, and you’d do yourself well to experience it.

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