Clyde Blaszak
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Grand Rapids - Real Estate One Success
1750 Grand Ridge Ct., Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49525


At the age of 18, an elder farmer commented to my dad, "Clyde is a man of the soil", as I worked his land. My love of farming lead to MSU and a B.S. in Dairy Science. A trip through west Michigan lead my wife and I to dream of raising our family there on the farm. Fresh out of college lead to a position as an Agricultural Loan Officer with a subsidized housing program through the USDA. However after 8 years the dream presented itself in an opportunity in west Michigan. The family grew and prospered through many business opportunities from the farm. Today my grandchildren now watch and learn from their dad/uncle on the farm. Now as a Realtor the opportunity is to lead others to their dreams... Blessed in West Michigan