Amanda McCracken
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Grand Rapids - Real Estate One Success
1750 Grand Ridge Ct., Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49525


     As a devoted wife and mother of four Amanda is no stranger to hard work. We all know balancing life and work can take quite a bit of juggling and tight rope walking.  This girl can run a circus with her eyes closed and a hand tied behind her back.

    An avid pet lover and groomer, Amanda enjoys spending her time working with her four legged friends. Also being an outdoor enthusiast means shes willing to get her hands dirty to get the job done.  Whether it be a little light dusting before a showing or shuffling on her belly through a crawl space to see how far that pipe goes, she's up for the task at hand.

As far as negotiating, well thats not even a job according to Amanda. Any given day if she's not working on a major deal at the office, you can find her haggling over a well loved piece of furniture at a neighborhood garage sale. " It's all a matter of finding the right words to get the end result to be in you're favor. Its not about offending someone with an insulting offer, but rather nudging them politely in your direction. People are easier to work with when they are in a place they choose to be, not where they were forced to go."