Monica Moves Michigan!

Monica Bruce
Mobile: (248) 825-2660
Direct: 248-652-6500, ext. 3909


1002 N. Main Street
Rochester, MI 48307


 I graduated from The University of Texas and my first job after college was working for The Texas Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  I went on to work in the Marketing Department for Nortel Networks, where I created many marketing pieces and learned to create websites.  After this, I created and updated websites for several commercial real estate companies in the San Antonio area.  Both my father and my father-in-law worked in real estate, so I have been around real estate for many years.

     Eight years ago, we left Texas to move to Michigan so we could experience the four seasons.  We absolutely love it here.  My husband's favorite saying is, "It looks just like a postcard."  The beauty of Michigan is breathtaking.  I hope to continue to help others find a home in our great state of Michigan, so they can enjoy all that it has to offer!